Roberta Lee is not quite ten inches tall. Known to her friends as Robbie, she is the star of a video tutorial titled “How  To Make a Ball Joint Doll With Polymer Clay.”

Making it’s premier exclusively through the 2015 Polymer Clay Adventure, her smaller sister Lulabelle (almost 7 inches tall) is featured in the accompanying 25 page full color .pdf tutorial. Tutorials for larger dolls will be coming soon! I have plans for a Victorian Lady, Faeries and a Mermaid as well as trying to go even smaller. A bit over 5 inches tall would be dollhouse scale, and I’d have to make their clothing AWFULLY small!

It would be easier to just dress them permanently, and I do intend to make a doll for my doll Aurora Rose, perhaps around 3 inches tall. Elastic would be too big for stringing them together, though, so I’ll have to figure something out.



Take a look at the slide show here, and I’ll be posting more pictures soon when I make Miss Robbie some more clothes, some jewelry, shoes and purse, and a suitcase or two to hold all of her things.  I see her in animal prints and big bangle bracelets, sunglasses…did I mention she also has pierced ears?