Her Own Room

I’ve set up Aurora Rose’s room on top of a dresser in my dining room, and that makes it easier to start seeing how things look all together. I’ve finished up a few items of clothing for her, finally–enough to start filling her hangers, and get her some lounging wear and underwear. Now for some outfits! I think she’s going to need a laundry basket soon, and that would make a good quick and easy project for the site, so I’ll do that soon.

Miniature Toiletries

AR-toiletriesI finished a few little things for Aurora Rose. Now she’s got a tray with bottles of lotion, shampoo, some perfumes, a powder  puff, comb and brush set (those and the tray are made with polymer clay–the rest are beads.)

The labels are transfers made with liquid polymer clay.

I glued things right onto the tray, so that they don’t fall down every time someone walks past.

I think they will eventually go in her trunk, but for now her shelves need somethings on them, and I have not had time to finish her books or even think about starting a tea set.

There’s been a lot going on, but I’ll be sure to find more time for Aurora Rose and her room.

I’ve got big plans for her little things!


A Trunk for Aurora Rose

I’ve been working on a set of furniture for Aurora Rose for several years, but large scale life keeps intruding. In my effort to finish up projects that have been hanging around the workbench, I’ve finished her trunk and some toiletries.

She has a bed, an armoire, and her table just needs a final sanding and some paint. I’ve even gotten some clothes cut out and started for her, and am half way done with some potted plants, and of course, several more books.They are done with liquid polymer clay transfers over white and gold polymer.

I’m aiming at being able to set it all up and see it together for the first time by the end of the year. Let’s see if I make my goal!